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About us

Clear business advice for the digital world

Total Innovation was born from the need to offer clear independent advice to people looking to launch a new business online and to provide effective technical consulting to existing businesses looking to grow.

We offer tailored packages for each client. We allocate our monthly hours to ensure you get the service you deserve. We do not just build you a website and let you go, we monitor the site, set goals and report back on the performance then work with you to achieve your targets all for a fixed cost no matter how much time it takes. Why do we do this? Simple, because we understand the power and importance of website and in order for us to be successful we need you to achieve your goals.

Total innovation selects the clients we want to work with. That may sound pretentious but we honestly will only work with companies we can help and want to grow with us.

We see the true value in the web, we do not just build simple website, we build web applications and that's where the innovation comes in. We have vast experience in building bespoke web apps, please see the innovation section for more details.

We offer a full range of services and project management skills please complete our contact form if you have any questions we are happy to have a no obligation meeting with you before we agree the project scope and commitment.