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Innovate with us

Innovation is at the core of our company, we have been working on large scale projects for a long time, this ranges from a 400 seat intranet across nine locations in the UK, to an international taxi booking system that managed over 180,000 bookings day. More recently we have been working on a number of revolutionary ecommerce systems with high end integration into systems such as sage and Xero, which means the businesses involved can run their whole operation via the cloud.

We like to work with clients to develop new ideas, this involves a lot of knowledge and expertise, both of which we have an abundance of. If you have a project idea you would like to discus with us please get in touch we are more than happy to hear your ideas no matter how developed they are, of course we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements and there is no commitment from you to use Total innovation.

We are soon to launch an innovative car sharing application, a regionalised clothing company and a large property portal, with a twist.